Terms and Conditions

Please review our terms and conditions and let us know if you have any questions.

Pro Bono and  FREE Services 

On occasion, we will offer our services Pro Bono. You as the client are still responsible for any fees outside of the services we are giving you. Please note, your project will not take priority over any paid projects. If you would like us to make your project a priority, we can provide you an estimate/quote. 

Scope of Project / Scope of Work / Project Overview:

Scope of work, defined as the overview of the services provided for the project. When creating the scope of work, we try to be as detailed as possible. If you are expecting something in the scope and don’t see it, do not assume it is part of the scope. IF IN DOUBT, ask us to make sure it is part of the scope. We will be happy to provide a more detailed, itemized scope of the project.  

Any services not outlined in the scope are not part of the scope. We will create an estimate to reflect the extra service or add it to the current scope.

EXAMPLE of Simple Scope: 

GreyMattR Digital will be creating a 6 page brochure website that has a portfolio/image gallery and a detailed visitor form.

EXAMPLE of Small Detailed Scope: 

GreyMattR Digital will be creating a 6 page brochure website.

  • Site includes a Home Page with a slider and image gallery.
  • Site includes a multi-page form with conditional formatting.
  • Site includes 2 custom post types News and Services. Which includes custom news pages and custom services pages as well as a news listing page.

Definition of Complete:

Once a project is ready to go live, the project is complete. 

A project is ready to go live once we meet one of the following criteria:

  • The structure is complete and ready for content whether the content is ready or not.
  • Setup/configured to the requested specifications for development, themes, plugins, or services. Even if axillary requirements that are the client’s responsibilities are not completed.  
  • Code functions as expected. And the code produces the results the development request outlines.
  • We have completed the service we were asked to complete.


While we would love to set deadlines for all projects, we cannot guarantee any deadlines. This is because of so many variable including: 

  • Getting required information to do our job.
  • Get answers to our questions on time.
  • Receive anything from others that our project is dependent on.

However, when everything goes right for a simple website, we can usually deliver a finished website in about 10 business days.

Licenses and Use:

WordPress is a modular CMS that can be enhanced with plugins and themes. Some of the plugins and themes have licensing fees that can be monthly or yearly. These fees vary and will be the client’s responsibility. Some of these plugins and themes will need setup and configured. A setup and configuration fee may apply. 

GreyMattR Digital has bulk / agency licenses for the following plugins and themes:

  • Elementor Pro
  • Astra Pro
  • Gravity Forms
  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • And Any Other Plugins or Themes we secure in the future

If you are on one of our Website Care Plans, you can benefit by using any of our licensed plans as part of our service. Otherwise you are responsible for these plugins.


  • You must pay any third-party services managed by us on or before the due date. Failure to pay will result in us cancelling the service.
  • You must pay for any marketing or ad buys before the date the ad or service is to run. 
  • You must pay for any themes, plugins, or addons and required deposits before the start of the project.
  • You must pay the deposit before the start of any project. You will also be responsible for any milestone payments for the project to advance to the next step. You will find any milestone payments in the estimate/quote.
  • You must pay the project in full for the project to go live.
  • All Printing MUST be paid in full at the time of the order.

All deposits are non-refundable if any work has started. If no work has started, you will receive a refund less an administrative fee of $100.

Working with Others: 

We work with others all the time. Sometimes we run into issues working with some people for different reasons. Most of the time when we run into issues, it is because we don’t get what we need to do our job. Our goal is not to be part of these issues but to complete the project you have hired us to do. When this happens, these issues can cause delays in getting your project done. If this happens, you may incur extra fees outside of the quoted project.

Printing & Reprints

We offer various printing services to our clients. The services are based on our wholesale pricing we receive from companies we have a long standing relationship with. You pay exactly what we pay for the printing and shipping plus a minimal service fee per order (from $10 to $150). You must pay the print order in full at the time the order is placed.

Now to the fact that sometimes things go wrong in printing. When there is an issue with printing we will establish if the error is from the printer, GreyMattR Digital, or you (the client). 

  • If the error is with the printer, we will contact them and request either a reprint or refund on your behalf.
  • If the error is caused by us, we will reprint the job at no cost to you.
  • If the error is from the client’s file, the job is not eligible for reprint or refund.

Termination of Contract 

GreyMattR Digital reserves the right to terminate a project for the following reasons:

  • Client fails to provide information or content to do our job.
  • Client displaying offensive, illegal, or unethical behavior. Or the client asks a representative of GreyMattR Digital to take part in this type of behavior. 
  • Non-payment for services rendered or failure to provide deposits or milestone payments.
  • Client does not have, or refuses to obtain proper hosting, plugins, or services required to perform our job.

If the contract is terminated for any reasons listed or not listed, the client will be notified of the termination. The notification will give the reason for the termination in writing. Upon notification, GreyMattR Digital will provide a detailed list of any deliverables. And, deposits and other payments will be handled according to terms outlined under payments and services rendered. 

Company Responsibilities:

GreyMattR Digital will provide professional and ethical solutions for your company. We will also represent your brand in a professional and respectful manner at all times.

Client Responsibilities:

  • The client assumes responsibility for PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, and other compliance. GreyMattR Digital will set these up in good faith that any of these services are set up correctly. We will also give recommendations if your request does not adhere to compliance.
  • Clients will provide any information required for us to complete the project.  
  • Client takes responsibility for any fees associated with any third party services. These services could include any of the following fee based items:
    • MailChimp Fees
    • Google AdWords Fees
    • Payment Gateway Fees
    • Stock Images
    • Plugins & Theme Fees
    • Facebook Ad Fees
    • Additional Digital Marketing Fees

These fees will be a direct passthrough to the Client. Setup, configuration and management fees are extra.

Legal stuff:

We can not guarantee that the code, plugins, or themes will always be error free. As these things receive updates for security and function, sometimes things break. We can’t be liable to you or any third party for damages. Including: lost profits, lost savings, or other incidental damages arising from website issues. Even if you advised us of the possibilities of such damages.

Copyrights and ownership:

You guarantee that you own or have permission to use any copyrighted material. You are liable for any copyright infringement of any items on your website. You are also responsible for supplying any by lines for any copyrighted materials.

When we receive your final payment, content ownership is set as follows:

  • You own the graphics and other visual elements that we create for you for the project.
  • We will give you a copy of all the final files for your project. Please store them in a safe place since we are not required to keep a backup of the files. We also will not provide any native or build files unless that is a provision of the contract.
  • You own the content of the project and other data you provided, unless someone else owns them. 
  • We own and can repurpose any design concepts, custom code, markup, and style sheets (CSS) and license it for your use.
  • We also love showing off our work and sharing what we have learned on each project. So, we reserve the right to display and link to the project as part of our portfolio if we choose. We also reserve the right to write about what we have learned from the project. This includes writing about the project on websites, in magazines, and in web design books.

GreyMattR Digital

Is a division of Wooden Tiger Studios and all billing will go through Wooden Tiger Studios.

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