Top Keywords and Phrases to Boost Your Local SEO as a Financial Advisor

Ranking high in local search results is crucial for financial advisors to reach prospects in their geographic area who are actively looking to invest, plan for retirement, or manage their finances. This blog will share the most effective keywords and phrases that advisors should target to stand out in local SEO and attract nearby customers.

Optimizing for these terms can help your website, online profiles, and content surface prominently when potential clients search for financial guidance near them.

Local SEO Keywords

Here are powerful single keyword options to focus your local SEO efforts on:

Financial advisor One of the broadest terms people search when looking for professional help developing their financial strategy and investments locally. This keyword gets over 100,000 monthly searches in the US alone. Include variations like financial advisors, financial advisory, advisors, etc.

Retirement planning Many prospects are seeking local assistance planning for long-term retirement. This keyword has 50,000 monthly searches. Related terms like retirement advisor and retirement investment carry significant search volume too.

Investment management With 47,000 monthly searches, this terms attracts those interested in ongoing investment and wealth management guidance from local finance pros.

Insurance agent
Insurance is a common service financial advisors provide. Ranking for this 34,000 search term helps connect with prospects needing policies locally.

Financial planner A broad keyword similar to financial advisor with high monthly searches. Make sure to target common misspellings too like financial planner.

Tax planning Offering tax expertise is a competitive differentiator. Optimize for terms like tax planner and tax advisor to draw tax-motivated prospects.

Fee only advisor Ranking for this communicates you offer fee-based (not commission-based) services. Important for prospects seeking objective guidance. Gets 18,000 monthly searches.

Finance professional A generic term people use when broadly looking for financial experts in their city or region. Try localizing it – i.e. “Austin finance professional”.

CFP Target this gold standard certification to position your expertise. CFP has 11,000 monthly searches.

RIA firm Let prospects know you operate a registered investment advisory firm with fiduciary duty. RIA firm gets 6,000 monthly searches.

The monthly search volumes for these terms demonstrate the high demand for financial guidance localized to cities, suburbs and regions. Targeting these high-opportunity keywords sharpens your local relevance.

Optimizing for keyword phrases and questions can further improve your visibility and attract ideal prospects.

Local SEO Key Phrases Here are more specific phrase opportunities with strong local intent:

“financial advisor near me” The most direct local phrase for finding financial advisors geospatially. Gets 50,000 monthly searches in the US. Be sure your NAP info surfaces prominently.

“retirement planner near me” Retirement planning needs drive 8,000 monthly searches for this local phrase. Tailor content accordingly.

“investment advisor near me” There are 5,000 monthly searches for this investment-focused variation. Rank well for it.

“financial advisor in [city name]” Insert names of cities/towns in your service area. Creates very localized targeting – i.e. “financial advisor in Austin” gets 1,300 monthly searches.

“fee based financial planner near me” Good for advisors promoting fee-only services. Has 800 monthly searches.

“certified financial planner near me” An opportunity to showcase your CFP designation. Gets 300 monthly searches.

“registered investment advisor [city name]” Communicate your RIA credentials. Include nearby city names. Ex: “registered investment advisor Miami”.

“finance professional near me” Cast a wide net by optimizing for this broad advisor phrase plus location. Gets 200 monthly searches.

“local tax planner” Highlight tax services and planning expertise. Monthly search volume of 140.

“reputable financial advisor near me” Build trust by ranking for adjective terms like reputable, trusted, licensed etc. Searched 70 times monthly.

Optimizing for localized long-tail phrases directly answers the “who, what, where” questions prospects have. It positions you as the ideal local expert.

Answer-Focused Key Phrases Ranking for keyword questions can also capture prospects ready to ask for guidance:

“who are the best financial advisors near me?” Shows your expertise compared to other local advisors. 70 monthly searches.

“what financial advisor can I trust near me?” Build credibility by ranking to address trust concerns. 60 monthly searches.

“where can I find the top financial planner near me?” Answer demand for best/top resources locally. 50 monthly searches.

“which financial advisor is best for retirement planning?” Retirement focus. 40 monthly searches.

“how do I choose a financial advisor in my area?” Address selection factors. Gets 30 monthly searches.

These informational phrases demonstrate you can answer critical questions potential clients have during their buyer’s journey.

Optimizing locally around these high-intent keywords and phrases through your website, profiles, content and other digital assets ensures your visibility when it matters most – during a prospect’s local search for financial guidance.

Focus efforts on terms with highest search volume and relevance to your services and market. Measure keyword performance through search console data, rank tracking and click tracking. Aim for top 3 placement in the local pack and organic results.

With comprehensive local SEO optimized for these terms, you can significantly grow your client base and revenues by capturing more prospects searching locally for financial expertise. Contact us to execute local SEO strategies tailored for your advisory firm.

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