Stay One Step Ahead of the Hackers: Essential Tips for a Secure Cybersecurity Awareness Month

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. With cyber threats on the rise, it’s important for all of us to take steps to protect our personal and financial information online.

Use Strong Passwords

  • Create long, complex passwords with a mix of letters, numbers and symbols
  • Avoid common passwords like “password” or “123456”
  • Use a password manager to generate and store unique passwords

Keep Software Updated

  • Enable automatic updates on devices and software
  • Install security updates as soon as they are released
  • Updates often contain critical security patches

Use Security Software

  • Install antivirus, anti-malware and firewall programs on all devices
  • Keep security software updated for maximum protection
  • Security software helps protect against cyber threats

Beware of Phishing Attempts

  • Be suspicious of emails/texts requesting personal info or suspicious links
  • Verify sender authenticity before taking action
  • Contact company directly if unsure

Use Caution on Public Wi-Fi

  • Use a VPN to encrypt connections on public Wi-Fi
  • Avoid accessing financial accounts or sharing private info

Secure Your Home Network

  • Use a strong password for your home Wi-Fi network
  • Change default network password set by provider
  • Enable WPA2 or WPA3 wireless encryption

Practice Safe Browsing

  • Only download software from trusted sites
  • Carefully enter payment and personal info into online forms
  • Look for “https” and lock icon to ensure secure sites
  • Avoid sensitive accounts on public Wi-Fi

Set Up Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Requires extra step like code from phone to log in
  • Provides additional protection beyond just a password
  • Enable on important accounts like email and banking

Back Up Your Data

  • Backup data regularly to protect against ransomware
  • Store backups offline and disconnected from network
  • Test backups regularly to ensure they can be restored
  • Encrypt backups for enhanced security

Stay Vigilant

  • Be wary of suspicious links, attachments and requests
  • Keep security software and passwords up to date
  • Take proactive steps to enhance cyber hygiene

Staying secure online requires vigilance and proactive steps to protect your devices, information and accounts. By using strong passwords, updating software, installing security programs, practicing safe browsing habits and backing up data, you can significantly reduce your risk of becoming the victim of a cyber attack. This October during National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, take time to review and implement these security best practices. We all have a shared responsibility to help create a safer, more secure online ecosystem for everyone.

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Content Creation: Matt "The Web Guy" Roguske

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